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Part of the World Dancesport Federation and a USOC Recognized Sport Organization
Our Chapters

Chapters are the “Heart & Soul” of our organization!

They are responsible for providing the majority of social dance opportunities our organization creates and play host to our membership nationwide. Our chapters provide affordable community dancing for couples, families and singles. If you are new to the area, newly widowed or divorced, chapters provide an extended family environment – a means to make new friends in a safe, non-smoking, alcohol-free, social atmosphere.

Don’t stay home alone watching television. Go out dancing – get some healthy exercise in a fun way and make new friends while doing so.

If you like community service, join or form an Outreach Program in your chapter and dance for those unable to get out. You will be amply rewarded with smiles of appreciation.

Be sure to visit our Chapters & Districts area to learn more and find a chapter in your area and then take a friend dancing.