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Social Dance

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Social Dancing

Have fun! Be a social dancer

USA Dance Inc offers social dances for dancers of all age and ability levels in communities all over the nation. Local USA Dance Chapters organize most of these events. Visit Activities of Chapters for more information on our chapters and what they do.

  • Attend our fabulous low-cost social dances. They include dance lessons and lots of social dancing, as well as line dances, mixers, dance demonstrations and other fun activities.
  • Dance in a smoke free environment.
  • Membership is open to singles as well as couples.
  • Beginners are welcome! We will help you get started. Join our affordable weekly dance classes for beginners. No contracts involved!
  • Profit from the physical, mental, and social benefits, as well as the joys, of participating in a regular program of ballroom dancing. Make new friends, and a fresh start in life.
  • Discover opportunities to participate in community activities helping others.
  • Receive discounted admission fees and free lessons at our dance events, socials and dance parties.
  • Regardless of your age, dancing will be an excellent learning experience in discipline, achievement, assuredness and self-confdence.

If you haven’t done so already, please review our Home page. It provides much information on our organization and our role as the National Governing Body of ballroom dancing and DanceSport in the United States. Please note that we are a non-profit, charitable, educational organization and are governed by our members.

Add style and zest to your life! Ballroom Dance!

Growth and New Image will tell you about the explosive growth and changing image in ballroom dancing that is underway all over the United States. All age groups and social levels are involved. Thousands of new dancers are adopting this healthful and enjoyable recreational activity and sport.

Why Ballroom Dance tells of the many benefits and enhancements to life when ballroom dancing is your avocation, pastime, or hobby.

Youths and college students have discovered ballroom and competitive dancing in a big way, and Reasons to Dance tells of the benefits they are receiving. Young people of all ages give ballroom dancing their top rating of “neat” and “cool.”

How To Get Started provides useful information on how to get started on the right foot.

Membership & Benefits provides information on discounts members receive on admission to dance events, the dance information we provide to our members, as well as the many other opportunities and benefits you will enjoy as a member of USA DANCE.

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For local dance information click find a local chapter and then identify a chapter in your community.

If there is no chapter in your area please help us start one. Contact our Central Office!

For information on how to start a chapter in your area please visit How To Start A Chapter.