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Ballroom Dancing in K-12 schools operates differently from College Clubs – the College groups are operated and controlled by the students. Local chapters do often offer them support and guidance.

Ballroom Dance Clubs in K-12 schools are often initiated, sponsored and organized by local USA Dance Chapter volunteers. If you would like to see a dance program included in your local K-12 school, contact the nearest USA Dance Chapter and let them know of your interest. Visit our Find a Local Chapter page to determine if there is a group in your area. USA Dance has developed guidelines to assist in developing K-12 dance programs. These are available in the Forms & Resources section under Youth.

Chapter volunteers organize extracurricular dance clubs in schools, according to school rules. Ultimately, it would be ideal to see ballrooom dancing incorporated into physical education lifetime sports programs. Budget constraints may limit a school’s willingness to include dance as a part of their curriculum until it has been demonstrated there is student and community interest. Development of extracurricular dance clubs can be an important first step.