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Welcome to the USA Dance Academy!

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Be sure to check out the WDSF Syllabus Workshops (March 30 & 31st) & Certification Exams (March 30 - April 2) to be held at the National Championships in Baltimore, MD.

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  • On August 10th, 2016 the Governing Council of USA Dance took an important step towards meeting their mission of providing high quality dance education to its members by officially creating an education department called "USA Dance Academy".

    Renata Shvarts (NJ) was appointed the new Director of Education to organize and launch this valuable new program. She will serve in this interim position until Dec. 31, 2016, as all new and renewed appointments of national directors become the responsibility of the new leadership team in 2017 following the national elections.

    As Ms. Shvarts stated, "This is a new step forward into building a stronger organization that provides high quality educational opportunities to all athletes, coaches, current and future professionals, and social members."

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    From Renata Shvarts:

    It is my honor to be appointed as the first ever Director of Education for USA Dance and launch USA Dance Academy. I would like to provide an overview of what the Academy is about and what we hope to accomplish during the remainder of 2016.

    The Academy will be structured to benefit all USA Dance members in ways that are most relevant to them. Our core mission for the DanceSport side of our organization is to be in line with the WDSF DanceSport Academy and to provide trainers, coaches, adjudicators and athletes with comprehensive and up-to-date information on all aspects of DanceSport. At the same time we will seek to support and supplement the existing educational programs our chapters are already engaged in for our social members.

    USA Dance Academy will develop educational programs and curriculum as well as oversee the sanctioning of official training camps, workshops, and seminars for DanceSport and Social members. It will also organize and administer USA Dance and WDSF congresses, develop a board of WDSF and USA Dance trainers and examiners who will promote the values of teacher certifications, and help new professionals prepare for and complete their adjudicator’s exams.

    Over the next year DanceSport and Social members will see a number of training camps sanction by USA Dance Academy throughout the country. These camps will include not only top USA Dance coaches but also, at a minimum, a WDSF international coach, a licensed nutritionist, and an exercise specialist who will focus on developing the necessary technique and positive health to achieve your dance goals.

    The Academy sanctioned camps will also introduce new tools that have been used in Europe for many years to help athletes develop their dancing. One of which is "Match Analysis”, a system to analyze the dancing of every athlete with feedback on what is needed for improvement.

    Our coaches, studio owners, professional dancers and judges will be able to attend curriculum seminars that will be organized through or sanctioned by the Academy for professional enrichment. Professionals will be able to study and take adjudicating exams that will allow them to become USA Dance and WDSF judges. Top WDSF congresses, including WDSF JS 2.1 Methods of Judging-Assessment Course, will be brought to United States in order to make it easier for our WDSF judges to meet the WDSF requirement for obtaining and keeping their license.

    All of these exciting events and other announcements, articles, and manuals will be announced via email and social media and made available via the web. Please LIKE our main Facebook page: to keep up to date on everything related to the Academy.

    As a Director of Education for USA Dance I am always available for any questions, ideas, or feedback from our members. Please contact me directly at or (347) 307-3397.

    Renata Shvarts
    Director of Education
    USA Dance Inc.

    To become a USA Dance member visit our online membership application page.

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