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Part of the World Dancesport Federation and a USOC Recognized Sport Organization

USA Dance Inc is organized and operates exclusively for charitable and educational purposes and is approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a Section 501©(3) nonprofit organization. Donations to USA Dance are tax deductible at fair market value. The Internal Revenue Code puts responsibility for estimating value on donor. (IRS advises “fair market value” as price which buyer is willing to pay and seller is willing to accept.)

Your donations support these outreach programs

  • College Programs – Help organize and promote ballroom dance events in colleges
  • Public Library – Contribute American Dancer magazine to a Public Library
  • K12 Youth Programs – Help fund teaching programs in schools
  • Athlete Travel – Help finance the cost of sending our national dancesport champions to represent U.S. in World Championships
  • General Fund – Help with administrative costs of promoting dance in U.S.
  • Local Chapter – Help with costs of promoting dance in your local community
  • National DanceSport Championships – Support our national champions
  • World Team Athlete Development Fund – Support our world team
  • Other – Should you wish to designate a contribution to be used in a specific manner, please contact our Treasurer at

Questions about making an investment? Email our Corporate Treasurer at

Note, you can also include a contribution when you join or renew your membership in USA Dance.

To make a contribution please visit our “Investment Page” by clicking on the following DONATE button: