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The World DanceSport Federation (WDSF)

covers the interests of more than 4 Millions athletes on 5 continents. It monitors the development of competitive dancing throughout the world and initiates close ties between people and nations.


Click here for WDSF Competition Rules - June 2014

WDSF Athletes

ID Cards - $ 15

Please note the following:

The process of verifying and downloading the documents can be a lengthy process.

You must start the process for a WDSF ID-Card online at the following address:

After completing the online process and printing your forms the procedure of processing WDSF ID-Card is as follows:

  1. Form contains two pages
  2. Signature of athlete on page one and two.
  3. Two (2) passport pictures.
  4. Copy of athlete’s passport or national ID card.
  5. Pay $ 15 online
  6. If the athlete is a minor check for the following items:
    a. Signature of parent or legal guardian on page two
    b. Copy of parent’s or legal guardian’s passport.

Mail these forms to:

Ken Richards
WDSF ID – Cards
206 Weldin Lane
Wilmington DE 19809

WDSF Officials

Current WDSF Adjudicator, PD, and Chairman License Renewal

Do not pay these fees if you are applying for a WDSF License. You must have been approved by the DanceSport Council. You may apply by contacting: Ken Richards, VP of DanceSport- email:

WDSF License - $125 USD

If you currently hold a WDSF License and would like to renew.

PD License - $125 USD

If you currently hold a Professional Division License and would like to renew.

Chair License - $60 USD

If you currently hold a WDSF Chair License and would like to renew.


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