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Dance Syllabus Figures

The dance syllabus figures are used in two fundamental ways. First, they provide a learning framework for the student of dancing. One learns Bronze, then Silver, then Gold and then non-syllabus figures. The syllabus is also used to define competition proficiency levels. For example, a Gold Syllabus competition event will have more advanced dancers than a Silver Syllabus event.

*Please note that while the International Standard and Latin styles have relatively consistent syllabus lists throughout the world, the American Smooth and Rhythm syllabus lists can differ significantly depending on the organization which provides them. Because of the differences between various syllabi, syllabus events in the American styles at USA Dance competitions will require that the competitors stay within the technical difficulty of the proficiency level in which they are dancing (Bronze, Silver, Gold) but not necessarily within a specific set of steps. The American syllabi provided should be used as a measure of the difficulty of each proficiency level for the Rhythm and Smooth styles. See current syllabus lists in the USA Dance Rule Book available for review or download under forms and resources in the DanceSport section of our website.