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Part of the World Dancesport Federation and a USOC Recognized Sport Organization
Rules, Policies, & Bylaws

Rules, Bylaws, & Policies

It is the responsibility of every DanceSport Competitor to know the rules and regulations that apply to them. For example, each Amateur Athlete must keep count of how many proficiency points they have gained and when they are no longer eligible to dance in a certain proficiency level. Violations of the rules may result in disciplinary action up to and including suspension from competition or loss of amateur status. Please read the USA DanceSport rulebook carefully.

Visit our Rules Policies, and Bylaws area for current Rulebook, Bylaws and Policies documents.

USA Dance Rulebook

The Rulebook contains the rules and regulations that govern DanceSport competitions, competitor elegibility, and conduct.


The USA Dance Bylaws are the rules by which USA Dance is administered and run. These rules cover the governmental structure of USA Dance, the rules for voting, the officials that are voted in or appointed, and many other aspects of the basics of the organization.


The policies are guidelines which have been determined and approved by the Governing Council (see Bylaws for definition of Governing Council). They cover things from the maximum number of competitors on the floor at any one time to the naming of various DanceSport competitions.