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Part of the World Dancesport Federation and a USOC Recognized Sport Organization
Reasons to Join

Why register your college or university dance club with USA Dance?

In a word – “communication”

Our goal is to establish a line of communication with collegiate dancers across the country that will allow us to inform you of special events, competitions, other dance clubs and news related to dance. Take a minute to tell us about your club and we will add you to our listing!

Any college or university dance organization can register with USA Dance – ballroom, salsa, country, tango or swing – and it’s FREE!

Registering with USA Dance is quick, easy and free

Simply send an email to the Director of the College Network and provide

  • Name of College
  • Name of Club
  • Name of President or other club contact person
  • Contact phone number
  • Confirm preferred email address

DanceSport – Competitive Dancing

Are some of your club members interested in competition? Check out the information in the DanceSport section of our website. To participate in USA Dance competitions, college club members must join USA Dance as individual College Student Athlete members – rate is only $20./year.

In addition to all the USA Dance events scheduled around the country that are open to all ages, many college clubs sponsor dancesport events for college students. Check our list of USA Dance competitions as well as our listing of College Competitions

To list your college clubs competitive event, your club MUST BE registered with USA Dance. Send an email to our Director of the College Network and provide

  • Competition Name
  • College & dance club name
  • Date(s)
  • Location
  • Email contact and/or website address
  • Brief description as you want it to appear in our calendar (total 50 words max)