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How do we form a new USA Dance Inc Chapter here?

A chapter can be formed anywhere in the USA where there are willing volunteers to make it happen. To discuss what is required to form a new group, contact our central office for more information.

We already have a dance club – can we become a USA Dance Inc chapter?

An existing dance club can become a USA Dance Inc chapter and enjoy the many benefits of affiliation with our organization. Contact our central office for more information on requirements to change from an independent club to a USA Dance Inc chapter.

How can I find out where to take ballroom dance lessons?

See the extensive article under Social Dance titled “How To Get Started As A Social Ballroom Dancer” for ideas on how to find lessons.

How can I find a dance partner?

USA Dance Inc does not have a partner exchange or locator service. It is suggested you make your search efforts known to your instructor, dancing friends and to officers and members of your local USA Dance Chapter. You could also try a general websearch under “ballroom dance partner search” – there are a number of links that come up that might be helpful.