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Part of the World Dancesport Federation and a USOC Recognized Sport Organization

USA Dance Inc chapters are located in communities all over the United States. The basic purpose of each Chapter is to promote ballroom dancing in the local community and to educate the public regarding the physical, mental, and social benefits of ballroom dancing. Chapters welcome beginner dancers and help them get started in ballroom dancing. Talented dancers are encouraged to become DanceSport Athlete competitors.

Chapters promote and sponsor amateur ballroom dancing for competitors, social dancers, and the general public. They work toward the recognition of ballroom dancing as an art form, a lifetime recreational activity and an Olympic sport. Chapters strive to bring the joy and the benefits of ballroom dancing to as many people as possible.

Find a Chapter

To search for a chapter located in your area please visit our find a chapter page. This listing of chapters in each state will give you the link to each chapter’s web page or to an e-mail message you can use to contact the chapter and request information on the chapter’s schedule of social dances and other activities.

Activities of Chapters

For a description of the many activities of a typical chapter please visit our activities of chapters page. Review that page and learn of the many different programs a chapter presents and select those that will be of special interest to you.

Our Districts

For a breakdown of USA Dance geographically, review the section about our districts.

How to Start a Chapter

If you fail to find a chapter in your area please consider helping us start one. It is not difficult and we will lead you by the hand every step of the way. Visit our how to start a chapter page for information on the advantages of being a USA DANCE Chapter, the benefits to individual members and how chapters are started.