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USA Dance Remembers Peter Pover. Tribute to Peter Pover.

2018 GC Election and Bylaw Amendment Results 2018 Election Results

Response Regarding Proposed Bylaw Amendments Submitted to the Governing Council

Governing Council Response to Anonymous Petition to Amend USA Dance Bylaws Response to Bylaw Petition

Given the volume and incompleteness of posts on social media clarification of recent events related to the Greater New York Chapter and the Manhattan Amateur Classic (MAC) are warranted. The USA Dance DanceSport Council, Governing Council, and/or members thereof have attempted to work with the Greater New York Chapter Board over the past year on […]

Clarification on Email to Chapters PDF Download

National Team Training Camp 05-13-2018 PDF Download

2018 National Championships Registration Extended PDF Download

2018 Nationals Meeting Invitation PDF Download

2018 Annual General Meeting Announcement PDF Download